North Channel Branch Book Club

Growing Up Amish  A Memoir by Ira Wagler"I grasped for tomorrow with its visions of splendor and a shining city.  I dreamed of adventures in strange and distant lands..." Ira Wagler's memoir "Growing Up Amish" lays out the story of a young man's struggle with his faith, his family and his heritage in an Old Order Amish community.  His journey to find his place in the world will take him, and the reader, to Canada, Indiana, Kansas and Montana.  This memoir will touch a nerve for those who have questioned the expectations of others and found themselves on a quest of their own.

The North Channel Branch Book Club will meet at 10 am, Wednesday, February 22 in the meeting room to discuss "Growing Up Amish : A Memoir" by Ira Wagler. 

The Book Club will be discussing "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett, March 28.