A not so silent night

I enjoy the occasional historical fiction; it doesn’t really matter what time period it takes place. However, I normally avoid Victorian fiction, I find it boring. This series has changed my mind completely. Deanna Raybourn has created a vivid world in which the reader can easily picture what’s happening and where the characters are. In the first installment, Lady Julia Grey is newly widowed, having just lost her husband to a life-long ailment. Her world is turned upside down when it is suggested that her late husband may have been murdered. Thus the mystery begins!

While the story is slow-moving, it is a very fast read. The length of the book may be little off putting, but don’t fear, you’ll be reading the final line ‘…and that is for another tale’ before you know it!  I’ve read the first two books in the series, and I’ve enjoyed both very much. I’m hesitant to say it’s richly detailed, but it’s very close. The tension between Julia and Brisbane is so thick; you just want to scream at the pages! I was told about this series by many friends of mine, and they all raved about it. Well, I guess it’s my turn!