November…Good Nutrition Month!!!

You might find it ironic that this food-heavy month is also dedicated to good nutrition. Sure, first tempt us with stuffing, a plump turkey dinner, pie and other food indulgences, THEN tell us it’s Good Nutrition Month.  Well, instead of being a big fatty this food month, let’s try and focus on self-promoting a health and fitness theme during November. Fairbanks Branch has a number of books to help you in your goals to get and stay healthy. Some titles to consider for delicious meals for Thanksgiving and beyond are: Light and Easy Holiday Cooking by Sandra Woodruff, The New American Heart Association Cookbook and the Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great by Pam Anderson. Keep in mind good nutrition shouldn’t only be dedicated to November but also extended to becoming a life-long goal.
by Gwen Bertram, Reference Librarian