November is National Picture Book Month

Like many of you, we think the whole National This Month and National That Month thing has gotten a little out of hand. Yes, many of them are important, like Black History Month and Cancer Prevention Month (both in February), but do we really need Humorists Are Artists Month (March) and National Sandwich Month? (August). The answer is a reluctant yes, but only because we want to stay on the good side of the powerful Humorists Union and the shadowy Pastrami Lobby.

But this month, we just flat-out love because it is both oodles of fun and important to boot. November is National Picture Book Month, and Harris County Public Library encourages you to celebrate to the fullest. 






It's easy! Here's all you have to do:

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Helpful hints for reading with your child from RIF

  • > Read slowly and with expression. Don't be afraid to ham it up!
  • > Make sure your children sit where they can see the book clearly, especially if it's a picture book. Of course, some children just don't like to sit still and listen—yours may prefer to draw or play quietly while you read.
  • > Allow time for a child to settle into a story, and allow time after reading aloud to talk about the story.
  • > As you read aloud, encourage your children to get into the act. Invite them to describe pictures, read bits of text, or guess what will happen next. Dramatize roles in the story with them.
  • > Expect lots of questions, especially from young children. Take time to answer these as you go along.
  • > Children like a sense of completion, so finish what you begin, or at least find an appropriate stopping point, like the end of a chapter.
  • >Keep reading aloud to your children even after they go to school. There is no age at which the fun and benefits of reading aloud end.

Why read picture books with your children?

Because study after study has shown it not only strengthens the bond between you and your children, it also benefits your them throughout their lives. Children who are read to do better in school, develop better communications and logical thinking skills, find better-paying, and generally more satisfying work and much more.

But most of all, just enjoy the together-time and have fun getting lost in some great books!