Now On To Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Now that I'm officially qualified to serve as a member of the children's services staff of the Harris County Public Library system (Please see my Harry Potter blog entry), I decided to embark on a second quest by reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Only I think maybe I've read it before? Let's see...a pre-teen hero with supernatural powers teams up with a girl and a boy who also have supernatural powers to solve a mystery, recover a stolen object, battle a three headed dog, spiders and assorted other beasts while attending a training facility for bunches of other kids with supernatural powers that is protected by a magical force field that keeps humans from seeing it and bad supernatural dudes from entering. Oh yeah, and this pre-teen hero didn't know he had magical powers until someone told him about this training facility. And his father left him a weapon that helps him battle the aforementioned bad supernatural dudes. And one of the other kids at Hogwarts, um no, make that camp, hates the hero's guts and she and her roommates try to hurt him. And the other kids at camp stare at him because he is extra powerful. And there's this mist that keeps humans from seeing all this magical stuff happening around them. And the hero goes home in the summer. Then there's the thing with lightning bolts.

Anyway...despite all that, the series is a good read so far. I'm on book three, the books are much shorter than the Harry Potter tomes, and it's easier to find a good stopping point because the chapters and paragraphs are shorter. Author Rick Riordan also doesn't take himself as seriously as J.K. Rowling, so the books are funny and almost read like a spoof of the Potter series.

I'm eager to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the movie based on the first book. The movie was released today, and the reviews (sadly enough) say much of what I wrote above. But I thought of it first. Really.