October author birthdays

Let's talk about birthdays. There are too many authors who were born in October to talk about all of them, so I'll just mention a few. RL Stine's birthday is October 8. He of course is the author of Goosebumps. Did you know RL Stine used to write joke books?

One of my favorite authors when I was a kid is Robert Lawson, who was born Oct. 4, 1892 and died in 1957. He illustrated books by many authors and also wrote some of his own. The Story of Ferdinand is one he only illustrated; it is the story of a bull who would rather sniff the flowers than fight. Ferdinand is a picture book, but most of the books Lawson illustrated were chapter books.  Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Gray is one; another is Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater.

Of the books Robert Lawson both wrote and illustrated are some historical fiction books told from the point of view of animals: Mr Revere and I and Ben and Me. There is another one of these historical fiction ones-Captain Kidd's Cat, but sadly it is out of print, which means you can't buy it anymore unless you find a used copy, and we don't have it in HCPL either. Not only did Robert Lawson write *and* illustrate Rabbit Hill , he won the Newbery Medal for it. (And btw, when I was in fourth grade, my mom made me a really cook bunny costume for Halloween, which I later wore on one of those "dress up as a book character" days.) 

 Rabbit HIll

The good thing about all of the chapter books Robert Lawson illustrated is that there's a picture every few pages. Another author/illustrator whose chapter books have lots of pictures is Lois Lenski. She was born October 14, 1893 and died in 1974. She wrote and illustrated a lot of cute little picture books

 little fire engine cowboy small  

and also wrote and illustrated a lot of chapter books.   (Strawberry Girl and Indian Captive are the only ones at HCPL though.) She also illustrated the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace.

Some other authors that have October birthdays are James Marshall, Johanna Hurwitz, Ed Emberly, and Russell Freedman.