Oh, how I've missed you!!

     Oh, friends how I've missed you! Summer was busy and lots of you came by. Then   school started and like, ghosts, you disappeared. I'm happy to say, I've been seeing more and more teens coming into The Hideout and it's been awesome! Having the chance to interact with you and find out what you're reading, what games you're playing and how school is going is one of my favorite parts of my job. Having a teen room @ our library is the absolute coolest thing about it It's super important to me that you have your own space to hang out. So if you haven't hit The Hideout yet, I encourage you to stop by! The holidays are coming so we'll only be open Monday and Tuesday next week. With the winter holidays fast approaching, I'm thinking a winter craft is in order  If I don't see you next week, have a safe Thanksgiving break!