Old School Romance Reading

I don't mean the "old school" romance writing style of the 1970s type with a bosomy cover and the word "savage" in the title.  I'm referring to the fact that I find that there are some authors whose earlier books I really liked, but their more recent books do not appeal to me.  Either they moved settings from historical to contemporary, they upped the suspense and dialed down the romance, they moved into a new genre, or their style somehow inexplicably changed.  Many became even more successful, so they probably appealed to more readers with their changes.  It's all a matter of personal reading preference. 

I'm including a few of my own examples below.  Has this happened to any other readers out there? 

Julie Garwood - To me, her style of heroine is better suited to historicals.

Linda Howard - I think I diverged at the spy titles, although I do still occasionally read a new one.

Jill Marie Landis - The recent titles are more inspirational than straight historical, which I prefer.

J.R. Ward - The dial is now shifting closer to Urban Fantasy for the series.





Linda - I just saw this post

Linda - I just saw this post & even though it's a month later, I have to say that I agree with you on all your choices! I've had similar reactions to these authors - I particularly miss Linda Howard's older style of writing. My favorites of hers were Mr. Perfect, Open Season and Now You See Her, and after soldiering through Cover of Night I couldn't even get through the last one of hers I picked up (Ice). I also didn't care much for Brenda Joyce's contemporary books even though I love her historicals (especially the Francesca Cahill books which are thankfully coming back!). I also used to love Judith McNaught's historicals and even some of her contemporaries (Paradise and Perfect), but I haven't been able to get into some of the more recent contemporaries she has written.

Exactly, Laura!  I'm glad to

Exactly, Laura!  I'm glad to know that I am not alone.