Once Upon A Time: MFAH exhibit at the Kingwood Library

Once Upon a Time: Telling Stories Through Clay is a special traveling exhibit created by MFAH that will be at the Kingwood Branch Library through August 29th.   These works are from the Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio Collection of contemporary ceramics at the MFAH.  

Included in the works are teapots and a serving platter that celebrates the artist’s connection to “Love Shack” the song from the 1980s by the B-52s. There are bookmarks that contain information about how to get a free pass to the museum. We’ve added a display of books about this interesting art form; budding artists should be sure to take a look.


I was almost hit by a car on

I was almost hit by a car on the side road going into the entrance of your library this last Saturday. I am surprised that your local government spent millions on the building but nothing for the safety of library patrons. Honestly, what is it, a couple hundred bucks per stop sign? I don't think you want the first accident to be on your conscience.

Harris County Public

Harris County Public Library recognizes that this intersection is dangerous if all drivers do not practice safe driving.  Since the streets are under the jurisdicition of the City of Houston it has been turned in to them as a definite problem intersection and we hope that something is done soon.  Meanwhile, it would be best to be extra careful when entering that intersection.