One More Time...

The Oscar show is over.  The gold statues have been handed out.  The show biz pundits have praised and panned various dresses worn by the women attending.  Some have even talked about the men’s clothing.  Comments have been made about the length of the ceremony.  And many have mentioned the host.

Seth MacFarlane was new to the job of Oscar host.  Although he began his career as an animator and a writer, creating the series Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show (where he does many of the character voices), MacFarlane branched out into acting and singing.  He combined many of those talents into the feature film Ted, a fantasy/comedy about a man and his best friend – a childhood teddy bear brought to life by a wish.  The movie was a huge hit and led to his being asked to host the Oscars.  Although many enjoyed MacFarlane’s performance on the Academy Awards, he has said that he’s not planning to return.

In fact, the role of Oscar host is like walking a tightrope.  How traditional do you stay?  Can you be edgy -- and get away with it?  One wrong move and you’re done.  All on live television.  It’s no wonder that many performers say, “Never again!”

But some do return.  More than once. 

While we don’t have DVDs of the previous Academy Awards presentations, you can check out movies and TV series featuring the most popular and successful of past Oscar hosts.  Below is a list of some asked to return and the number of times they’ve stepped up to the microphone.

Jerry Lewis  --  3
David Niven  --  3
Steve Martin  --  3
Whoopi Goldberg  --  4
Jack Lemmon  --  4
Johnny Carson  --  5
Billy Crystal  --  9
Bob Hope  –  The champ at 19 appearances as host or co-host.  And the reason I chose his picture for this blog.

As for this year’s Oscars, I was quite happy with the outcome.  For me, the best years are those in which the awards are scattered among several movies.  How about you?  Did you win your office pool of Oscar picks?  Or among your family and friends?  Were you surprised by some of the winners or losers?