Online vs. Print Comics

In the last ten years or so,  the comic industry has been evolving to the new format of the internet.  The more traditional comics, Garfield, Baby Blues, and even Peanuts are starting to look like a thing of the past as the newspaper industry is failing.  Most of this is due to the fact the the younger generation, namely anyone reading this blog, is getting their news online.  My brother turned me on to the online comic Sluggy Freelance about ten years ago, and he is an avid reader of PVP.  I personally enjoy reading the above comic strip, Unshelved which is about the experiences of the staff in a public library.  Sluggy is about a cast characters that includes a homicidal rabbit.  PVP is about gamers and has human as well as troll characters.  The most successful online comic to date is probably Penny Arcade.  The creators of Penny Arcade even have their own gaming convention in Boston every year.  Other, cleaner, comics are Little Dee and Not Invented Here.  Little Dee is a very sweet, yet hilarious comic, about a little girl (who doesn't talk) who got lost in the woods and adopted by a bear, a dog, and a vulture.  The artist for Unshelved has recently paired with another artist to create a comic about the computer industry called Not Invented Here.  Online comics have a comic for everyone and most have links to other online comics.  Check 'em out.

You can find the more traditional comics here at the library:


Baby Blues


For Better or Worse

The Far Side