Online WishList

gift boxGrandma still buying you cute, puppy sweaters even though you stopped wearing them a few lifetimes ago?  Well never fear, WishList is here.  Shop the web and save all the items you've been hoping or dreaming about in a convenient online wishlist.  Make multiple wishlists: Birthday, Holidays, Want, Need, If I Win the Lotters (hey, we can all dream).  Make each list private (only you can see it) or public (send friends and family a link to your list).

There are several websites that offer a similiar service, but I only tested about six based on their advertised service.  In addition to WishList, I really liiked and  The only drawback I found with ListIdeas is that you had to manually add an image for every item, which I found to be way to much effort.  BoxedUp was also great, but it didnt offer ratings (how bad do you want it) and I thought the list layout wasn't as visually appealing or organized as the others.