Otaku Files: Another Character Playing Characters


As a relatively "new" edition to the Baldwin Boettcher family, I take pride in my work with the teenage and pre-teen patrons. I found out as soon as I started, that Game Day was rather sparse and only involved teenagers. There was only one Nintendo Wii for the projector screen and a few games. Notable games mind you, but they didn't pull a crowd like I am used to with gaming. Something had to change.

Now, I'm a gamer at heart, so it became became apparent to me that my own X-Box 360 had to be apart of this gaming dilemma. I have lots of fun party games in my catalogue, so it made having a fun time all the easier. Although Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock were fun games upon their release, and the months that followed until newly available downloadable content arrived, they are a little dated. Especially the fact that 2 new games had come out since then. I thought to myself, "Self, what are you doing with full band setups just sitting at home?" I answered, "Good grief, they ARE just sitting there aren't they?" Once the "G20-like" negotiations with myself came to an end, I decided that to have these things and not share with this community was selfish. I had to give back.

Now, 6 months later, the numbers have since tripled at the very least. I have broken the wall of "just teen time" and gotten the pre-teen and young children more involved. There are 2 Nintendo Wii's purchased by our Friends of the Library due to the popular demand of the games. There is table coloring for any little artist out there, chess and GO for other gaming connoisseurs, and just a friendly environment for kids and teens alike to have fun on a Thursday after school. I hope for more fun times to come and I hope to see you there!

Photo courtesy of MarkyBon on Flickr