Otaku Files: Giddy Up Space Cowboys!


The other day, I found myself intentionally distracted by the late night television block on Cartoon Network entitled Adult Swim. If you haven't caught on to this craze yet, tune in to Cartoon Network at around 9PM every night of the week. Here's the schedule site: Adult Swim Schedule. Kids, ask your parents.

Now, with the increasing demand of "anime" shows coming overseas, one of the first shows to do this was my favorite show, Cowboy Bebop. Set in the not to far off future in the year 2071, we are introduced to the main characters. Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are "cowboys" or, in this era, bounty hunters. Soon into their journey, they encounter two new additions to the "Bebop" crew, Faye Valentine and "Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Trivrusky VI" or Ed for short. Together, the crew of the spaceship Bebop search the galaxy for new heads to hunt just to feed themselves something other than eggplant.

The little "searching bug", that plagues me every time hear about something interesting that I want to find, caught up to me when I wanted to look for this series in our system. Now, I didn't find the anime series, but I noticed we had a few volumes of the manga. So be sure to check this out in any medium of entertainment.

Keep it real Space Cowboys and Cowgirls.


To Be Continued...