The Other West - Beyond the O.K. Corral


There was a lot more to The West than just the wild part. It wasn't all gunslingers, outlaws and Indians. And this is what Jeff Guinn's latest novel, Glorious is about. Eastern businessman Cash McLendon needs a new beginning, and the American West is where a lot of others are going to find that same hope. McLendon doesn't own a gun and has never ridden a horse. What kind of a hero is that? But the West was settled by bankers, realtors, lawyers, teachers, preachers and lots of other folks, besides the men (and sometimes women) with guns. It you want to know what the settling of the west was like for regular people like you and me, this may be the novel for you. Jeff Guinn has received much praise for some of his previous works like The Last Gunfight: the real story of the shootout at the O.K. corral and how it changed the American west (2011). This novel is a different take altogether.