Outta Sight!

Grave SightI’m sure many of you are familiar with Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse/ Southern Vampires series. Now, I do love a good vampire story as much as the next person, but I was in my ‘burn-out’ stage with paranormal fiction When I came across the Harper Connelly books. When this series was recommended to me by a friend, I was hesitant about reading it. However, when I saw that it was more about ghosts and spirits, I jumped at the chance to read it. In Grave Sight, Harper is a ‘paranormal investigator,’ because of her gift. Thanks to a little lightning strike, Harper’s gift is that she can see the way someone has died. She can also see the victim’s last few moments, depending on how long ago the person died.
There were many, many similarities between Sookie and Harper, which made me cringe a little inside. Since I ended up liking this series, I guess it’s a successful formula for Harris. Harper’s relationship with her stepbrother, Toliver, caused me to raise some eyebrows. Their relationship is thinly veiled, with plenty of tension between them. I’m actually curious to see how Harris will play out the relationship between the two, since there’s no blood relation between them.
Naturally, with the case that takes place in the first book is in a small town, ‘filled with its secrets.’ I always tend to roll my eyes with a storyline such as this one, but it reminded me of where I’m from in Louisiana. I have a soft spot for small town folk. 
I look forward to reading the rest of this series, and I’m also thinking about reading the other series that Charlaine has written, which are the Lily Bard books and the Aurora Teagarden series.