Overdrive App Update!



The Overdrive app for the Android, Blackberry and Apple devices has been updated to allow you to return EPUB eBook titles early straight from the app. 


I tested it on an Android device and was confused at first.  In order to return the title, select "delete" from the menu.  You will then be given the option to "return and delete" or "Delete but not return" the title.


Great news!


Okay, I just tried this with

Okay, I just tried this with an EPUB title, and it only gave the usual "are you sure?" message, not the updated "Return" / "Delete, no return" message you mention. (And it didn't return the title.) I double-checked, and my Android says that the Overdrive software is current, no available updates. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Because I'd love to use this feature. Thanks!

  Would you please verify


Would you please verify the version of the app you have installed?  To do it on an Android device, hit the menu button on your device.  This should be the same one that has the “Get Books” icon in it. 


In this menu, one option should be “More”.  Select this and then select “About Media Console.”  Towards the bottom of the screen (under the “Close” button) it should list the version.  Mine is version  If you do not have this version and you do not see the option to upgrade, you may need to uninstall it and reinstall the app.

Thanks for the reply. Mine is

Thanks for the reply. Mine is version which is undoubtedly the problem! It keeps telling me I have the latest version, but I now know not to trust it. I was able to 'force' the upgrade by going back to the marketplace and selecting Overdrive again. Now I'm at and look forward to finishing a book before it expires so I can try this again! (Also, just FYI, I love the digital catalog, and thank you for all of the excellent resources.)

I am happy to hear that you

I am happy to hear that you were able to get the app updated!  If it gives you any trouble, let us know!

And thank you so much for the kind words about the digital catalog.   You are very welcome.  We love the service as well are happy that it has become so popular.  I should be able to work on adding the June digital titles this week!