Parasitology is the newest series written by zombie novel veteran Mira Grant. With the second book having been released last November, and the third and final novel releasing on November of this year, I figured I’d just go ahead and review it now so that the rest of you can suffer in anticipation with me. Mwa ha ha.

The premise of Parasitology is very similar to many of the zombie novels already out on the market. Something mysterious is happening to people all over the globe, causing them to become feral and violent. But what sets this series apart from many of the others is the how. These people are not undead, and so the solution isn’t as easy as “In the brain and not the chest, headshots are the very best”. These are still people’s mothers. Their fathers. Their brothers and sisters and sons and daughters. Or are they? That’s what Sal Mitchell wants to know. And what she might regret finding out.