Parking Permits at Lone Star College System

parking permit graphic

LSCS is now issuing required parking permits for all campuses, including the libraries at CyFair and Tomball. The permits are free and easy to obtain online. Register and find frequently asked questions at Parking Permits

- Click Get a Guest/Visitor Permit
Fill out the required form; under Sub-classification choose Library.
Under Parking Main Account, choose Manage your Account Vehicles > Add Vehicle
- Under Parking Main Account, choose Order/Purchase Permits

 If you need assistance, call 281.765.7836 or email


Unfortunately, I received a

Unfortunately, I received a website error while trying to request the required permits.

I apologize for the technical

I apologize for the technical problems with the parking system. We have reported the issue, but do not know when it will be back up again.  I don't believe the police are giving tickets at our campus yet, but if you have concerns you can contact them at 832-813-6800. You can also contact the Parking department at 281-765-7836 or
A new parking permit system will be implemented for library patrons sometime in the near future, so be on the lookout for updates.
Thank you,
Dorrie Scott