Partners in Health and Fitness

Our exercise class for adults this summer ended with great success. Two Of my most faithful fellow fitness members, Leticia and Maria Dolores lost 20 plus pounds each. It was a very exciting summer!Attendance fluctuated back and forth between 2 and 6 members attending twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Given that they also had a busy summer with their own children being on vacation from school and with outings and all the summer plans each member had with their families,participation in the class was good. Leticia and Dolores are so excited about losing weight and getting fit and healthy that they requested that the class continues during the rest of the year and to make it a year round program, so we agreed to meet an extra day each week. So far we have 9 members which includes 3 new members acquired on our last meeting this past Thursday.Our new classes will begin on Tuesday, September 08 at 10:00 am and we will be meeting every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.