PDF Tools

small pdfLet's face it, PDF's are everywhere. People send them to you, many organizations require the format when uploading documents, and most websites documents are available to download as PDFs. However, sometimes we need a little help to make them more user friendly.

The free Adobe Reader (sometimes called Acrobat Reader) software that is usually installed on most computers does just that, reads (or more precisely, displays) the PDF contents. It also allows users to fill in form fields if the PDF was created with that function. Not all PDFs though were created as fillable as many organizations may want the form filled out by hand with signatures.

Luckily, there are free resources that can assist you with pesky PDF problems, including filling out PDFs, splitting PDFs apart, combining PDFs, and more. Smallpdf is one such resource, and with it you can split, merge, convert, and compress PDFs, as well as edit* and digitally sign documents.

Other online resources to check out:
FormSwift: Edit PDF - https://formswift.com/sem/edit-pdf
PDFescape - https://www.pdfescape.com/windows/
PDF2Go - https://www.pdf2go.com/edit-pdf

*Keep in mind that editing options are limited in most free resources, and only the offical Adobe Acrobat standard or pro software provides full editing features, at a cost.