The Penalty Box


It’s hockey season! I unabashedly adore hockey. I love the excitement of a perfectly executed goal and the adrenaline of a power play, the broken sticks and dirty fights, shouting at the opposing team’s goalie and ringing a cowbell. Most of all, I love cheering on the home team as they battle their way to victory. Here in Houston, we are fortunate enough to have our own American Hockey League team– the Aeros. Last year the Aeros made it all the way to game 6 of the Calder Cup playoffs; I was in the crowd at the Toyota Center that night, cheering them on. The Aeros ultimately lost, but I have high hopes for the new season!

Unlike many other sports, there is a surprising dearth of hockey movies coming out of Hollywood. Although the sport lends itself well to the high drama and action of the silver screen, hockey just isn’t popular enough in America to support a big box office draw. Happily, the hockey movies that do exist are, for the most part, well-acted and entertaining. I’m still waiting for the next big hockey movie, but at least I have some old favorites to fill the gap!

If you can’t make it out to see the Aeros play, browse the HCPL catalog and request one of these hockey movies instead!

Kimberly’s Hockey Movie Picks:

cutting edgemighty ducksslap shotyoungbloodNHL Greatest Moments

Unforgettable moments from the careers of some of NHL’s greatest players:

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Very cool to write about

Very cool to write about hockey.  I think it's a great sport to watch.

One of my favorite hockey-related films is actually a season one episode of the Canadian TV series Corner Gas.  The title is Face Off and it's about the guys in the town learning that girls know something about hockey, too.

I would never play hockey,

I would never play hockey, but it is most definitely my favorite sport to watch live. I've never seen Corner Gas, but I've heard excellent things about the series. Now I have extra incentive to check it out!

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