Pendragon Ends

Soldiers of HallaThis morning, on my way to work, I finished listening to The Soldiers of Halla, the final book in the Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale. This is an excellent series featuring Bobby Pendragon, who in the first book – The Merchant of Death - finds out he is a Traveler of Halla meant to help people find their way. Throughout the 10 books, Bobby and his fellow Travelers battle Saint Dane who wants to destroy the spirit of Halla. The final book is the final battle where we find out who wins.

This is an excellent series on Audio. It is read by William Dufris who brings the characters and worlds of Halla to life through all 10 books. The series is told in diary format and is filled with characters and worlds ranging from “First Earth,” which is Earth circa 1937, to a water filled world, and a world of cats. While this is a YA series, it would be great for the whole family to either read or listen to.
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