Picture Books are for Big Kids, too

Once upon a time, a little girl, about 8 years old was walking down the picture book aisle, when her mother said, “get out of those baby books.” ACK! How's a kid supposed to learn to love reading if she can't read what she wants.
Picture books are not *baby* books. Picture books are basically stories with pictures. Some picture books are for babies. Some picture books are for preschoolers.  There are even lots of picture books which are for kids in elementary school, even 4th or 5th grade--even junior high--even high school!
Think of it this way--are ice cream cones *just* for little kids? No, of course not. But will little kids appreciate rum raisin ice cream, or coffee ice cream? No, those flavors are for bigger people. It is just the same with picture books--some are for little people and some are for big people.

Here are some titles which big kids would appreciate:
Tunnell, Michael  Mailing May Buying a train ticket is too expensive, so a little girl gets mailed. (yes, really. Btw, this is based on a true story.)
Stanley, Elizabeth  The Deliverance of Dancing Bears Animal cruelty has been around for a long time. This story is about a man who helps some bears.
Cutler, Jane  The Cello of Mr O Even in times of war, music helps heal the soul.
Hesse, Karen  The Cats of Krasinski Square Cats help distract the Nazis and help get food to the people startving in the Warsaw ghetto.

Here are some more:

The War Anna the BookbinderThe Princess GownPink and SayJazzBrave Margaret