Picture books are for big kids, too

In case you haven't heard, Ten Rules You must absolutely not break if you want to survive the school bus by John Grandits is the newest winner of the Texas Bluebonnet Award. 

Some school librarians around Texas, for some reason, were not too happy with this. Apparently, they thought one of the chapter books should have won. Of course, they weren't voting, were they? I am thinking that maybe those disgruntled librarians are a member of that group of grown-ups who think that picture books are only for little kids.  

I say "phooey"! Some of my favorite books are picture books, and I am a grown-up.

Here are some picture books which I have actually read aloud to classes of kids as old as 4th grade. Maybe even 5th grade. (And there was absolutely no one who did not like my choice of read-aloud):

all Olivia books - I especially like the reference to Martha Graham in Olivia and the Missing Toy; Ian Falconer (the author/illustrator) said in an interview that he didn't think that anyone would get it (the Martha Graham reference, that is). Ha!  *I* got it! I also really like the pigeon scene in Olivia goes to Venice.


These three are all set during or just after World War 2:

Boxes for Katje by Candace Fleming - An American girl helps send supplies to people in Europe after the war. 

Running with the horses by Alison Lester. A girl and her father save some horses of the famous Spanish Riding School before the Nazis attack Vienna.

Otto, the autobiography of a teddy bear by Tomi Ungerer. This one actually lives in the chapter book section now - rated V for war violence (the bear saves a soldiers life during a battle).

Here are a couple of funny ones:
Children make terrible pets by Peter Brown - the title says it all - This one is good for little and big kids.

Let's sing a lullaby with the brave cowboy by Jan Thomas - at first glance, this looks like it is definitely a book for little kids. Well, yeah, but big kids like it, too! - I read this to a class of 4th graders, and they loved it so much I had to immediately read it again.

So I could list a lot more picture books for older children, but I just listed some ones that are favorites of mine that have been tested and (big) kid approved.