Plain Truth

A dead baby is found on an Amish farm. The police investigate the death and discover that the baby was murdered. An eighteen year old unmarried Amish girl named Katie is charged with the murder. Ellie Hathaway, an attorney, is a distant relative to Katie and decides to take her defense. Katie keeps denying that she had a baby out of wedlock, as she fears that she will be excluded from her Amish community. Ellie has to get Katie to stop changing her story and give her the plain truth.

Judy Picoult is not synonymous to the legal thriller genre, so when I heard she had written a legal thriller I was skeptical. I decided to give her book, Plain Truth, a chance because the setting of an Amish community is very rare in the legal thriller genre.

I find it funny that the book is titled Plain Truth, yet at the very end of the book there is a twist that leaves the reader guessing about what really happened. I will not disclose the ending, but if you read this book you will know exactly what I am talking about. So why should you read this book? It is rather rare to see a legal thriller around a case involving the Amish community. The book also challenges the reader to think how they would handle the difficult circumstances of the protagonist. Judy Picoult has done a magnificent job of taking a sensitive topic and presenting all sides of the issue through multiple-character viewpoints. Plain Truth has also been made into a movie. I have not watched the movie, but since I enjoyed the book so much I will definitely have to check it out.