Pocket Book Craft

 Family Fun at Atascocita Branch Library

Family Storytime is held on Monday Nights @7:00 pm
Each week, I provide a craft project after Family Storytime.  On Monday, children were given the opportunity to create pocket books. I've included instructions for this craft in case you missed storytime.

Supply List

Paper Lunch Bags (2 or more), Paper Hole Punch, Ribbon, Crayons and Scissors


 1. Cut off the bottom of the bag.


2. Fold each bag in half. Then, place all of the bags together to create a book spine.  


3. Punch holes.


4. Place the ribbon ends together to make a loop.


 5. String the loop through the hole.



6. Take one of the ribbon ends and slip it through the loop. Then, tie a knot.

Repeat for each hole.


7. Decorate as desired.  

Each page now has a pocket for notes, photographs or special drawings. These little books also make fabulous thank you cards.

Note: Carol Howards, who works at the Atascocita Branch Library, taught me how to make this great craft. Thank you Carol!