Poetry of America

Last month was National Poetry Month, so why am I writing this blog in May?  If you had a chance to visit the Atascocita Branch you may have noticed my display of poetry books in the children's area. I am happy to report that many children and adults checked these items out. Even though April is over and gone, I am hopeful that you will continue to explore books in this area of the library.

Monday, May 31st, our country will celebrate Memorial Day. This national holiday commemorates the U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who died while in military service.  I have chosen books about America in honor of these brave men and women.   


America the Beautiful   Katharine Lee Bates

Four verses of the nineteenth-century poem, illustrated by the author's great-great-grandnephew.  The illustrations in this book are truly outstanding.  This book is one of my favorites.


IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE Celebrate America: in Poetry and Art  Nora Panzer

A collection of American poetry that celebrates over 200 years of American life and history as illustrated by fine art from the collection of the National Museum of American Art.
My America Jan Spivey Gilchrist
An illustrated children's poem which celebrates the diversity of America.
A collection of poems evocative of seven geographical regions of the United States, including the Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, Plains, Mountain, Southwest, and Pacific Coast States
An anthology of poetry and prose by such writers as Carl Sandburg, Willa Cather, Robert Frost, all celebrating aspects of the American landscape.
Poetry, geography, art, and history are the focus of this book. 

Writting Tools

Why not try writting your own poem?  The websites below will help you get started.  

Writing with Writers 

Tips for Writing Poetry



Kenn Nesbitt's Online Rhyming Dictionary