Pokémon Club for Kids

Thursday, January 28th @ 4:00 p.m.

Children ages 7 to 10 years old are invited to join our Pokémon Club.





This meeting will be a great opportunity to meet other players and share ideas. Please make sure to bring your Nintendo DS, games, trading cards and anything else you would like to discuss.

Pokemon Fan Art  courtesy of Hey Christine


My son and I live in Honolulu

My son and I live in Honolulu HI. Do you have or know of a club in this area. My son would love to meet with kids his age to do the pokemon thing :) Thanks Joseph

 Joseph, I am sorry, but


I am sorry, but don't know of any Pokemon programs in your area. However, our program was started due to a suggestion by a young person, and it has been a great success.

Therefore, I would suggest contacting your public library system.  They might be able to begin a program, or possibly help you find something in your community. 

As a parent, you might enjoy the book below, and it is available through your library system in Hawaii. 

"Don't bother me Mom--I'm learning!": how computer and video games are preparing your kids for twenty-first century success-and how you can help! by Marc Prensky