Pokémon Club is this Thursday!

 Children ages 7 to 10 years old are invited to join our Pokémon Club. This meeting will be a great opportunity to meet other players and share ideas. Please make sure to bring your Nintendo DS, games, trading cards, and anything else you would like to share and discuss.

Event Type: Children's Program
Age Group(s): School-age Children
Date:Thursday, Feb. 27th, 2014
Start Time: 4:00 PM

Pokémon Black and White, Vol. 12  by Kusaka  Hidenor; art by Yamamoto  Satoshi

Team Plasma has kidnapped all but two of the Unova Gym Leaders! Before he can help rescue the others, Black must undergo gruelling training. Will it be enough now that Team Plasma has awakened dangerous Legendary Pokemon Zekrom...?! Meanwhile, White's new battle skills are put to the test when Bianca needs help protecting an innocent Pokemon... Then, will Bianca discover her own dream...? Plus, meet Cryogonal, Vullaby, Meloetta... and Emboar?!

 Pokemon Visual Companion  by Simcha Whitehill

The perfect companion to the "Pokemon" animated series, the "Pokemon(TM) Visual Companion" is the follow-up to the highly regarded "Pokemon(R) Visual Guide," complete with updated content covering new events and characters, as well as the Unova region This entertaining and informative volume packs the "Pokemon" world between its covers, with amazing artwork, fascinating facts, and comical anecdotes. This is truly a must-have reference for every "Pokemon" fan, and is the ultimate reference to key characters, famous battles, and important places. Every region has been revised and updated, including new events, people, and Pokemon from Unova. You also meet Ash, trace his journey, and get to know his Pokemon, friends, and travel companions, as well as villains and rivals throughout the "Pokemon" world. This is the ultimate guide to the "Pokemon" animated series, guaranteed to delight any "Pokemon" fan.

 Pokemon Black and White. Vol. 13 is not in the system yet; I would suggest checking the library catalog in a few weeks.