This post brought to you by the letter L

If you've been surfing Google recently, you've probably seen Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Oscar hanging out at the top of your screen.  And if you're like me, you've spent this week reminiscing about the fun you had watching Sesame Street as a kid.  I remember trying to eat dessert like Cookie Monster and carrying around my Big Bird doll everywhere I went.  And when the theme song started, I plopped down in front of the TV and didn't move until the show ended.  I still have fond memories of Big Bird, Oscar, Bert, Ernie and the whole bunch.  
As a kid, I thought the show was all about fun.  I had no clue I was learning counting, colors, shapes and kindness too.  As an adult, I've enjoyed reading about the people who brought the show to life and what it took to keep the show on air for forty years.  If you're also curious about what took place before the Sesame bunch took to the stage in 1969 and what has happened since then, try some of these titles from HCPL.
And if you would like to sing along with some of those songs you heard as a child, check out this CD: 

Songs from The Street: 35 Years of Music