The Professional

robert b parkerRobert B. Parker has been writing the Spencer series for quite some time. In The Professional, four women are being blackmailed by a man named Gary Eisenhower. The four victims found each other and they approach Spencer about stopping Gary.  Spencer has to track down Gary, and then deal with him. Of course, there are some murders and some tough guys connected with the case, and ultimately, Spencer has to decide whether to follow the law or his heart.  Why do I keep reading the Spencer series? That’s hard to figure out.  They’re usually not mysterious at all. It’s a quick read for sure, as he has always written in short, terse chapters with a lot of concise dialog. When I think about it, it’s the appeal of the well-beloved characters:  Spencer, Hawk, and Susan. I’ll probably continue to read this series as long as Mr. Parker writes it. (photo courtesy of bradsearles from flickr)