Quick Picks: 200 Pages or Less!

Time flies by BetchaboySome of you may have already started back to school, but many are either counting down the days until the first day of school or clinging to these last few moments of summery freedom.  Either way, you might pick up one of these quick reads – every one less than 200 pages – to celebrate one last hurrah of summer!  What quick reads to you recommend? 

End of the Summer Quick Picks

crossing the line bookjacket

gil marsh bookjacket

never eighteen bookjacket

voyage of the sea wolf bookjacket

love & haight bookjacket





year of beasts bookjacket

riding out the storm bookjacket

schizo bookjacket

also known as rowan pohi bookjacket

hold the pickles bookjacket





maxed out bookjacket

lies, knives and girls bookjacket

kill switch bookjacket

racing california bookjacket

somebody please tell me who i am bookjacket





fix me bookjacket

girl named digit bookjacket

matthew meets the man bookjacket

my sister's stalker bookjacket

beneath a meth moon bookjacket





Flickr CC: Time flies Photo by: Betchaboy