Quick Picks: Short Stories

Clock by Dave StokesBeing back in school it always feels like there’s never enough time to read for fun!! Or, put another way, when we actually have a moment of free time, sometimes curling up with a book is not always the highest priority.  We’ve got extracurricular activities, jobs, internships, volunteering, homework and more to think about here.  Free time is often filled up with hanging out with friends, watching TV, sleeping… Enter: the short story.  Short stories are great choice when you’re busy and don’t have a lot of spare reading time.  You can pick and choose which stories you want to read, rather than feel obligated to read the whole book from cover to cover, but still get your reading fix or follow your favorite authors. 

Quick Picks: Short Stories

13 bookjacket

21 proms

Does This Book Make Me Look Fat? bookjacket

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions bookjacket

Every Man for Himself bookjacket






fear bookjacket

First Crossing bookjacket

Geektastic bookjacket

How Beautiful the Ordinary bookjacket

Kiss Me Deadly bookjacket






Make Me Over bookjacket

One Hot Second bookjacket

Owning It bookjacket

Pick-Up Game bookjacket

Restless Dead bookjacket






Shining On bookjacket

Steampunk bookjacket

this is push bookjacket

what are you afraid of? bookjacket

zombies vs. unicorns bookjacket





Flickr CCClock Photo by:  Dave Stokes