Quick Picks: Stranger Than Fiction

Macro by Hachi GatsuAlthough these days I love to read a great novel, many years of my reading life were focused on nonfiction – the true stuff, things that seemed utterly unbelievable but actually happened or existed, people who made an impact, or the history of strange things.  If you are looking for a quick read, you might consider browsing the nonfiction section.  We have many nonfiction books at the library that are filled with pictures and quick blurbs; you can pick and choose to read about what you find the most interesting.  What would you want to learn about?

Quick Picks: Nonfiction

can i see your id bookjacket

star wars character encyclopedia bookjacket

pavement chalk artist bookjacket

street art bookjacket

ask me everything bookjacket






how they croaked bookjacket

warriors v. warriors bookjacket

how to survive anything bookjacket

danger bookjacket

disposable skateboard bible bookjacket






stuff on my mutt bookjacket

good behavior bookjacket

street art san francisco bookjacket

when parents text bookjacket

hollywoof bookjacket






yummy bookjacket

rare bookjacket

xray bookjacket

deadly perils bookjacket

paranormal caught on film bookjacket





Flickr CCMacro Photo by: Hachi Gatsu


On behalf of all the folks

On behalf of all the folks who prefer the 'true stuff,' I say many thanks and big ups for a heckuva list, Mer!

Thanks, Dave!

Thanks, Dave!