Quicksand Escape 101

If you are a fan of television survival shows (such as Man vs. Wild or Survivorman) and you don't mind a little humor thrown in with your survival instructions, try a book from The Worst-Case Scenario series by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht. These handy pocket-size guides offer simple survival techniques for a diverse set of situations, such as wrestling down an alligator or fleeing from a volcanic erruption.

The series is based upon expert answers to outlandish situations most of us will likely never face, but if you've ever wondered what to do when sinking in quicksand, this series is for you. Piven and Borgenicht even include some practical tips from the experts, such as how to treat poison ivy, reduce jet lag, and fix flood damage. Each entry is short, making these books a good choice when you're looking for some quick reads.

Check them out now and be prepared for anything life sends your way. After all, you never know when you might have to deliver a baby in a taxi cab.