Quiet Room: Where "Shhhhh" is Appropriate!

A feature in the new Kingwood Branch Library that many of our customers will appreciate is the Quiet Room. Its function will be exactly what the name implies - a quiet place to work or study.

As our world has changed, so has the public library. Gone are the days when you could hear a pin drop. Libraries are now vibrant, active places, where ESL classes, children's programming, meetings of a local community associations and teenagers working on a school project might be happening all at the same time. Traffic in libraries has increased, as well, with more and more people not only picking up books, DVDs, CDs and audio books or searching for something interesting to check out, but also socializing with friends and neighbors.

The Quiet Room, situated on the second floor of the new library, along with the adult materials, will be a quiet oasis for our customers. No cell phones, no beeping computers, no loud talking. For some, it will hearken back to another era, and for others, it will be a new experience. For all - we hope - it will be a welcome addition!