The Racketeer

The Legal Thriller genre would be incomplete without John Grisham. When it comes to weaving a suspenseful court room thriller, no one does it better than Grisham.  Each year fans of the genre eagerly wait for Grisham to release his latest. This year The Racketeer was eagerly awaited by me and many other Grisham fans. So does The Racketeer live up to the expectations of a John Grisham novel?

In my opinion The Racketeer lives up to the high benchmark Grisham has created for himself. It is a novel most fans of Grisham will welcome after last years The Litigators. So what is The Racketeer about? The story is told by Malcolm Bannister. Malcolm is forty-three years old and half way through a ten year sentence handed to him by a Federal Judge in Washington D.C.  Bannister isn’t your normal inmate; he is a lawyer who has been imprisoned for a white collar crime.  While half way through his sentence Federal Judge Raymond Fogletree is murdered. Malcolm knows who killed Federal Judge Raymond Fogletree and is going to use this information to get out of jail. Malcolm creates a plan to buy his way out of prison by becoming an informant for the F.B.I., but things soon become more complicated than he had ever predicted. 

The Racketeer is a fast read and very enjoyable. The main character Malcolm Bannister will join the ranks of other memorable characters from John Grisham’s novels. I can really see this book being made into a movie like so many of Grisham's other books. The suspense, thrills, revenge, and humor make this a must read!