Re-Read Wednesday: The Magicians

The Magicians

I tried to read through Lev Grossmans: The Magicians a few years ago when it first released and fizzled out towards the end.  At the urging of some friends I’ve decided to give it another try.


The Magicians starts out great:  young Quentin Coldwater yearns for more in life, something like his beloved Fillory books (chronicles of Narnia) when low and behold he is accepted into Brakebills school of magic. This may sound like the beginning of a lost Harry Potter book, but don’t be fooled.  The Magicians is full of adult material, language, sex and violence.  This is the grown up Harry Potter.

What stopped me last time was the continuing decline of Quentin’s character.  I couldn’t find anything to like about him or any of his friends.  Once I didn’t like the characters, I stopped caring about what happened and eventual stopped reading. 

So far into my reread I am loving everything I enjoyed about the book the first time, but I haven’t reached Quentin’s low point yet.  I’m hoping that I can finish the book this time, as I’ve heard the following books in the series are quite good.