The Reader's Best Friend

If you’re looking for something to read, Harris County Public Library has a great tool for you. Among our many databases, there is one called NoveList Plus that can help in several ways.

  • You can look up a book that you enjoyed and then, over on the right-hand side, click “Find similar books” or “Similar authors.”
  • Starting from the NoveList main page, a book page, or an author page, you can click “author read-alikes” to find authors that write similar books.
  • NoveList’s front page also has links for “Recommended Reads,” “What We’re Reading,” and “Award Winners.”
  • If you are trying to remember the title or author of a book based on remembering a little bit about the plot, the “Describe a plot” search feature is amazing.
  • NoveList is an easy way to find all of the books in a series and their correct order.
  • There are book reviews galore.