Reading a library eBook on a Kindle.

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

Please note, standard Kindles and touch screen Kindles users will need to use a computer to check out Kindle library eBooks title.  Kindle fire and Kindle app users can checkout and download using just the device.

1.  Go to the HCPL Digital Media Catalog located at

2.  Either find a title that is checked in or check out a title you have on hold or in your cart.

When searching for titles, you can limit your results to the Kindle format by selecting the word “Kindle” under the “Format” heading on the left hand side of the screen.
The available format information can also be found on the right hand side of the title display screen.  You can access this by clicking on the book jacket.

3.  Once you find a title to check out, go to the title detail screen to check it out. To do so, either click on the book jacket or the icon of the book in the upper right corner of the book jacket.

4.  Click on the green button that says “Borrow” to continue to check the title out. 

5.  If you are not currently signed in, you will be asked to sign in with your library card at this time.

6.  The next screen will briefly show that the title was added to your Bookshelf and how many checkouts you have remaining for your account.  To access your Bookshelf, click on the green “Go to Bookshelf” button.

7. Next you need to select the Kindle format. To do this,  select the green option that says “Download (select one format).”

8.  In the drop down menu, select the box for “Kindle Book.”  Then select “Confirm and Download.”

9.  A new window will open and bring you to the site.  On the Amazon site, you should see a green box towards the upper right.  Select the device you wish to download to if you have more than one kindle associated with your Amazon account.

10.  Click on the “Get Library Book” icon to continue. 

11.  You may be asked to log into your Amazon account at this time.
12.  If your Kindle has Wi-Fi, your title should now be sent to your Kindle Device.  Penguin library eBooks will need to be downloaded and will not be sent over the Wi-Fi.  Continue with the instructions to get a Penguin library eBook onto your Kindle.

Please be aware that there are different versions of the Kindle.  Some older models only came with a 3G connection.  Others only have WI-FI, and some have 3G and WI-FI.
If you are getting the message that your Kindle does not support WI-FI, you may have a model that has 3G wireless, but not WI-FI.  According to Amazon, “Library books cannot be delivered via a Kindle’s 3G connection.”   In order to read the title, you will need to download the title to your computer and transfer it via USB to your Kindle. 
If you believe that you are getting this message and that your Kindle does have Wi-Fi, you will need to contact Amazon for further support. 

13.  If you are downloading a Penguin library eBook or you do not have Wi-Fi, select “Download now” to download the title to your computer. 

14.  Your computer settings may block the initial download of the title to your computer.  If it does, a yellow bar may appear at the top of the Amazon window.  If this happens, click on the yellow bar and select “Download File.”

15. A new window will appear.  It may ask you to either “Open” or “Save”, or it may ask you to “Find” or “Save.”  Either way, select “Save.”

16.  After selecting “Save” you will be asked to select where to save it to.  You can make a new folder or save it to a default folder.  Please be aware that you will need to remember how to get to the area you save it in.  I find it easiest to save to the desktop so it is easy to find.

17.  Select “Save” to save the title to your computer.

18.  You may get a message stating that windows cannot open the file.  If you do, select “cancel.”

19.  Please connect your Kindle to the computer.  When you do, the Kindle folder may open up automatically.  If it does not, please navigate to this folder by going to “My Computer” and double clicking on the drive for “Kindle”.

20. Next, find the title in the location you saved it to and drag and drop it to the folder called “documents” in the Kindle folder.

If you are reading on a Kindle fire, you will want to use the “Books” folder instead of the “documents” folder.

21.  Eject the Kindle from the computer and enjoy your book!


Could I check books out on a Kobo Aura

Is it possible to check books out on ebook readers other than the kindle?

Kobo Devices Work with OverDrive!

Yes! OverDrive supports iOS, Android & Kindle platforms (Kobo's OS is based on Android). Here is a link to OverDrive's Kobo page

Thanks for the question!