Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone

Recently I was looking for a new book to listen to on my IPOD and I thought back to a recommendation someone made to me several years ago.  A coworker of mine told me I would like the book, but I mostly read fantasy, and action adventure sci-fi really isn't my thing.  So, I put it off for a while.  But as I was listening to the first book in Kenneth Oppel's Airborn trilogy at 3am, hooked in, needing to know what was going to happen next, I was reminded that everyone needs to step out of the metaphorical comfort zone once in a while.  So listen to your friends, and even if you don't think the style of the book is your thing, you never know, it might just keep you up until 3am.


Teaser for Airborn:

Matt Cruise is a cabinboy on an airship liner.  On the trip that takes place he meets Kate who drags him into more trouble then he has ever seen in his life in pursuit of a mysterious creature.  The book is full of action, pirates, suspense, air pirates, a touch of romance, and did I mention pirates?