Real life video game?!?! I'm SO in!!

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life (Scott Pilgrim series)by Bryan O'Malley

Normally I'm not one to read manga or graphic novels. But I couldn't help but pick this series so I could read it before the movie came out. I was intrigued by the way video games were intertwined into the story, so I wanted to see how O'Malley accomplished it. Scott Pilgrim is a 23 year old college graduate slacker with no job and girlfriend who's in high school (But he's in a band!). Everything is going along smoothly (forgot to mention that the name of his girlfriend is Knives. Ironic, don't you think?) until he has a dream about this mysterious roller-blading blue-haired girl. The dream throws Scott into a reality where he's not
sure what to do at first.

He begins to see Ramona Flowers around town, realizes that she's real, and that he has to have her. He breaks up with Knives after hanging out with Ramona for a few days. While he's hanging out with Ramona,  he begins recieving letters and e-mails about this 'evil league,' which naturally, he ignores. What Scott has neglected to read reveals that to date Ramona, you have to fight AND defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. That's where the video game aspect of the story comes into play. At Sex Bob-omb's (Scott's band) first gig, the concert is interrupted by Ramona's first evil ex-boyfriend, Matthew Patel. Scott defeats Patel in a classic Kung-Fu battle, which leaves Scott 17 cents for the win. To the victor goes the spoils, right?

Since this is a series of GN's, the story contines until book 6, which is Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour. This is a series that teens and adults can enjoy, because of the way they can relate to him or one of the other characters. Oh, and one more thing, this all takes place in Canada!!