Recovering the Classics: The Results Are In

The final votes for our Recovering the Classics program have been counted! Thank you to all the amazing artists who participated and to everyone who voted: in the library, in our online poll and via Twitter. The winners' artwork can be viewed after the jump.

With 24 votes the Elementary Winner is: The Jungle Book!




With 19 votes the Secondary Winner is: Peter Pan!



With 49 votes the Adults Winner is: The Time Machine!


*All artwork will continue to be displayed until Friday, February 3, 2017. After that participants may take home their print and retrieve any original artwork that was submitted.


rtcjpg-1-jungle_book.jpeg157.38 KB
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Where did you get the prints

Where did you get the prints printed?

Would it be possible for the

Would it be possible for the artists to have the prints of their art that was on display?

Yes. The artwork is on

Yes. The artwork is on display at Maud Marks until Friday February 3. After that any artist who would like to take home their print can pick it up at the library.