Red, White, and Blood

Hello there! I hope everyone is having a great summer despite the heat! Today's horror read is Red, White, and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth which is actually the third installment of The President's Vampire series.

In Red, White, and Blood, we meet Nathaniel Cade, a vampire that has been safeguarding our nation's Presidents for generations due to a blood oath. Cade is not a friendly vampire like those we've come to see in pop culture today. He's deadly and very matter of fact. What you see is pretty much what you get with Cade. Teamed up with his human handler, Zach Burrows, Cade has to stop an ancient foe from killing the president.

Insert the Boogeyman here. The Boogeyman has been stopped by Cade himself many times but always manages to return. He's an ancient spirit that comes back via human sacrifice provided by his cult following. The Boogeyman uses a human body as host and proceeds on a very graphic killing spree. In the past years, the Boogeyman has used Ted Bundy, Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper and even the BTK Killer just to name a few. This time however, the Boogeyman has targeted the President and his family and it's up to Cade to finally kill the Boogeyman once and for all.

Red, White, and Blood was such a great read for this horror lover. Cade and the Boogeyman fascinated me so much! I loved that there was a tie in to the Boogeyman and all the silly happenings in horror movies such as the flashlight going out or the car suddenly stalling. Cade was a great character as well. He was just so matter of fact but I could still feel his frustrations.

I hope you all pick up Red, White, and Blood. You don't have to read the first two either because I didn't and it was a great standalone read! Red, White, and Blood is also great for Independence Day!