Reduce, Reuse, Recycle @ the Library

Earth Day is Everyday @ the Library

  •  In addition, to the financial benefits of a library card, you can also off set your carbon footprint each time you check out materials at the library. Your public library has a full range of items to discover. So, before you buy the next hottest movie, music, book and/or magazine, use your library card to see if it is really worth the purchase.  When making a decision, it’s important to consider not only the financial cost of an item, but also the environmental one. 
  • Several branch libraries, with in Harris County, accept donations of gently used books, magazines, music CDs, and movies.   These items are either added to the library collection, or are sold by means of the Harris County Friends Group.  In turn, this organization aids the by making funds available to purchase supplies, library materials, programming and a variety of other library needs. Before you make a donation, please check with your local branch to see if they are able to accept items, and if there are any limitations to the type of materials they collect.