Reference USA Database

Logo for Reference USA DatabaseReference USA is our most popular database. It is primarily a business directory, but it can be used for many different purposes. It also includes residential information, as well as physicians and dentists.

The latest update on the database allows a person to do a Map Based Search from the Custom Search feature. This feature is similar to the map based searches available on the Internet. If you use the Map Based Search feature to search for restaurants in a certain area, the results would give you a map that shows where the restaurants are located. There are other features in the Map Based Search feature as well: Draw Shape allows you to draw a shape around a certain area when searching for businesses; Define Radius lets you place a circle to include all the businesses in that circle; Boundary Select allows you to see the boundaries of neighborhoods, zip codes, area codes, etc.; and Drive Route lets you plan a travel route and shows a map of all the businesses along the route.  

To access Reference USA database, go to our webpage, click on Databases, then Business, then Reference USA (if you are on a home computer, you will be prompted to enter your library card number).