Through the generosity of The Community Advisory Panel to Lyondell and Equistar, several new books are now part of the North Channel Library collection. These include: The Hogg Family and Houston: Philanthropy and the Civic Ideal by Kate Sayen Kirkland, Galveston: A City on Stilts by Jodi-Wright-Gidley and Jennifer Marines, In Ike's Wake: Southeast Texas Endures Hurricane's Devastation-a pictorial account by the Photojournalists of The Beaumont Enterprise and Galena Park: The Community that Shaped It's Own History by local authors Roger Leslie and Sue Elkins Edwards. These titles were selected to honor the memory of community leader, Mr. Kermit Reneau. We invite you to come to the Library to see these books. We also invite you to remember loved ones with memorial books. Please ask to speak to Branch Librarian, Carolyn Dial, about memorial books.