Returning items early on a Kindle.

A PDF document of these instructions with images is also available.

1. Please go to

2.  Hover your mouse over the “Hello… Your Account” icon just to the right of the search box.

3.   Select “Manage Your Content and Devices.”

4.  You may be asked to log in to your Amazon account at this time.

5.  In the next screen, select “Actions” for the title you want to return.  The “Actions” button will be to the left of the title and has three dots in it.  If you do not see this make sure you are in the “Your Content” tab under “Manage Your Content and Devices.”

6.  In the menu that opens up, select “Return this book.”

7.  It will now ask you if you are sure you want to return the book.  Select “yes” and the title will be returned.