The Reversal (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel)

The Reversal by Michael Connelly is a book that belongs in the very popular Lincoln Lawyer series. The Lincoln Lawyer as we all have come to know is Mickey Haller, a defense attorney, who operates out of his Lincoln Town Car. Mickey Haller can best be described as a street lawyer. In this book Mickey Haller has gone from defense attorney to prosecutor, hence the title The Reversal.

Jason Jessup, a convicted child murderer, has been offered a retrial based on new DNA evidence. Mickey Haller, who is usually a defense attorney, has been brought across the aisle to be an independent prosecutor. Mickey believes that Jessup is guilty and will reverse his role as a defense attorney and work as a prosecutor to keep Jessup behind bars.  Mickey has problems prosecuting Jessup, as the media has taken to Jessup’s side of the story, the victim’s sister does not want to testify, and finding new evidence two decades after the crime has become extremely difficult.  Mickey teams up with his step brother, Detective Harry Bosch, to help him with the case so the court does not reverse the verdict.

This book is a good entry into the Lincoln Lawyer series, but it doesn’t live up to some of the other books in the series. The major let down was that Connelly focuses more on procedure than creating a mystery. It wasn’t a total let down, because the book does have realistic dialogue and it was nice to see Mickey Haller’s step brother, Detective Harry Bosch, in the same novel. If you enjoy the Lincoln Lawyer series you will most likely enjoy this, even though it isn’t the best entry into the series.